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Inxan Industrial Service



Inxan IS Ltd is established in 2009 in Estonia.

Inxan IS is owned by Inxan Investment Concern.
The company employees are highly experienced and qualified professionals.

Our goal is to provide high performance and high quality service to all industrial and manufacturing companies. Our customers are food industries, timber industries, mechanical engineering companies, heat production factories, power factories (windfarms) and many other sectors. Inxan IS main occupation is the rolling bearing vibration analysis and diagnostics.

Activities that support the key activity of industrial equipment are repair and maintenance.
We can also design and produce the necessary equipment. Our goal is to provide solutions to your problems, and ensure the smooth and long life of your equipment. To achieve this, we have the appropriate specialists, high-tech equipment and park unit, and we continuously renew our personnel knowledge and skills.
Vibration is a modern diagnostic equipment failures to prevent the type of industry. Vibration analysis and diagnosis at an early stage, it is possible to learn machinery failure.

Inxan IS Ltd owns advanced equipment and experienced certified professionals in the diagnosis and analysis of vibrations field.

Diagnosis and monitoring an integral part of the analysis.
First, machines are measured through a device.
Then the data analysis software.
The analysis of the issue you report.
The result can be a client (machine owner) information, the current state of the machine.
Our report reflects the probeleemide issued by the root causes and give recommendations for its eradication.

Equipment vibration by the elimination of root causes:

- Extends the life of the appliance,
- Raise the plant capacity
- Reduce energy consumption by up to 10%
- Reduces maintenance costs
- Reduces the costs of machine stoppages

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